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Let me help you to improve your English to achieve your goals whilst fully supporting you in your learning process along the way. Whether you need English to travel, for your dream job or to be able to communicate with people from another country, I would be happy to teach you. 

Active English is a communicative approach to teaching English in an authentic way, ensuring you can actively use the language in real life situations. This methodology focuses on developing your English language skills, especially speaking, through fun and engaging activities. You will be provided with a variety of learning opportunities and taught by qualified, experienced English native – speaker teachers in a supportive learning environment. Studies show that students who are exposed to the language they’re learning in this immersive way, exhibit higher levels of fluency. 

Language trip to the UK: Small group lessons in the bed and breakfast

Learning Active English online, in person or as a language trip is effective and fun because:

Full Immersion:  Whether you choose to learn English as a one to one online or on a language trip, you will progress quickly and successfully. This is the most effective way to learn a language, as you will be learning on your own with 100% attention from your teacher (if you choose one to one lessons) or with a very small group (if you choose a language trip). You will be immersed in the English language and culture, surrounded by English speakers and have opportunities to use the language in real-world situations. ‘Learning by doing’ with a focus on using the language actively, enables you to become much more self-confident when speaking English, so that you improve both your fluency as well as your accuracy. 

Variety: You will be provided with learning activities to suit your learning needs and style which are both effective, engaging and fun. Your individual training needs will be assessed in your first lesson, so that you can agree on a learning plan with your teacher and choose activities that match your interests and goals. You will be given tips and advice on suitable websites, books and other resources to use and fully supported along the way to help you progress.  

Traditional afternoon tea in the English seaside town of Bournemouth

Holiday while you learnTypical English fish and chip restaurant:

How I teach Active English: Course offers

Active English language trips to Bournemouth, UK or Goa, India

Full immersion language trip in Bournemouth, UK 

Enjoy a typical cup of tea and biscuits

Would you like tolive the languageby staying in a homely, fun environment with the English teacher, who is a native speaker (from England).  

Let me be your guide to show you my home country and culture. I offer language trips to beautiful Bournemouth on the south coast of England, where you can combine improving your English with a cultural language holiday in this well – known seaside town on the stunning Jurassic Coast. 

Full immersion language trip in Goa, India 

Enjoy a typical cup of chai and chapati

India is second largest English speaking country in the world, so this is an ideal place to improve your English whilst experiencing this incredible country with a fascinating culture and vibrant, friendly people. 

I offer language trips to beautiful Goa, so that you can combine improving your English with a wonderful cultural experience by the beach. Come to India with me and ‘Spice up your English’ 


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