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    Explanation English levels:

    A0/A1 English (beginner/elementary)  

    Level A0/A1 corresponds to basic users of English who can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases.  

    A2 English (pre intermediate)  

    Level A2 corresponds to those users who can understand basic expressions and communicate in a simple manner.  

    B1 English (intermediate)  

    Level B1 corresponds to users who can understand and produce text on familiar topics and give opinions and descriptions.  

    B2 English (upper intermediate)  

    Level B2 corresponds to users who can produce clear, detailed text and interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity.   

    C1 English (advanced)  

    Level C1 corresponds to users who can express themselves fluently and spontaneously. They can use language flexibly and effectively for all purposes.  

    C2 English (proficient)   

    Level C2 corresponds to proficient users of English, who can understand and express virtually everything with ease and differentiate finer shades of meaning. 

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